Is Ambit A Scam? – Your One Stop Energy Supply Company!

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The foregoing post is about Ambit, the first Energy Supply Company to go international.  With all the noise these days from the vast energy supply companies on the internet, Ambit is the one that stands out because of their business practice.  So is Ambit a scam?

Why Should You Partner – Customer and Consultant alike

This is one of the finest and respected company to do business with when it comes to your energy supply needs.

Here are the outstanding benefits and reasons:

  • Competitive rates that are lower than your incumbent company, like ComEd, Nicor, Peoples Energy, NIPSCO to name just a few. Absolutely no cost ($0) to switch and no contracts period.
  • You enjoy just for enrolling 3 days, 2 nights hotel stay, you have a year or so to use this gift.
  • You get an initial 2,000 travel reward point immediately you switch your service.  You get monthly travel
  •  rewards points which can be redeemed for incredible travel packages. For example 1 kWh = 1 point.
  • You get your own free website.
  • Excellent referral program.  When you refer 5 customers Ambit will send you on vacation.  You get to choose
    airfare for two or a cruise.
  • You have the opportunity to get Free Energy for life!  The best benefit you can get in the industry.  With your free website you can refer at least 15 customers, i.e friends and family and businesses to get the free energy. You will get a credit on your energy bill equal to the average amount of their payments, which can yield FREE ENERGY – month after month!!!
  • As a Consultant you get the opportunity to make money, money, money.  This your chance to establish your own business and partner with the fastest growing company in the country and the world.
  • You get the tools, Powerzone, and the support you need to get you business going in the proper direction.
  • When you sign up before September 29, 2017, you get double bonus ($200.00) for your first 28 days for jump start one for enrolling just 5 customers.
  • When you enrolled 3 more customers for second jump start the second 28 days, you earn additional $200.00.
  • When you make your promotion before 12/31/2017,, you earn $500.00
  • Sign-up Your First customer – Give yourself the gift of great service and low rates by becoming your own customer!
  • You will have the finest state of the art personalized website to build out your business.

You must stop making excuses about not having enough time to get out of the routine rut…  To start your own business. Don’t you find time to do other activities?  So can you find time to work on your own business to free you from the 9-5 daily grind to take care of yourself and your family!  Let’s get rolling, you do have what it takes!

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