Free Energy For Life!

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Good day to you and welcome to my website! Hopefully you and your family are doing well.

Yes, how wonderful to know you have the source to get Free Energy by maintaining fifteen (15) customers each and every month for your Electric and Gas customers, both for Consultants and Customers alike! Yes you too can have that just as I do!

Please note that THERE ISN’T ANY DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGN with this system.  Simply helping out friends and

family and perhaps businesses and get paid.  You don’t carry or stock any product, no inventory for that matter. Quite amazing way to earn extra money; it’s all up to you.  There are no gimmicks, no-get-rich-quick-scheme with this endeavour. All you need to do is to be coachable and do the work and you will see the results.  It’s that simple.  I will help you every step of the way.  All the same, feel absolutely free to contact me of this great opportunity!  I will explain the entire nitty-gritty details for one’s success…  Indeed the sky is the limit!  Please click on the two respective websites below to unleash the contents!

Kindly feel absolutely free to post any comment in the comment section below.

Customers Save Money:  ==> http://Annani.myambit.com

Find out your rate by entering your zipcode

  •  Earn FREE Electricity and Natural Gas For Life!


  •  No Cost to Upgrade. No Contracts or Hassles.

  •  Earn FREE Travel for Your Electricity and Gas Usage.

  •  Free 3 Days/2 Nights in 26 states


Consultants Make Money:  ==>http://Annani.energy526.com

There is a five (5) minutes or so video to watch…

  •  Build Your Own Business in Your Free Time.

  •  Earn Residual Income. Leadership Bonuses.


  •  No Inventory. Incumbent Delivers. No Collections.


The entrepreneur spirit!! Outgoing and hard working.


    • Thank you and don’t forget to share the good product and savings your are getting…

  1. So this is an energy offer, to get cheaper energy, right?
    I’m from Norway, so this wouldn’t count to me, would it?

    • Hello Steven,

      Indeed it is an energy offer to get cheaper energy rate! Yes, it would not count to you at the present time but might be in the future, as we continue expanding around the globe.



  2. Hi Sidney,

    Is this an interesting recommendation. Free Energy for life? I wanted to know more, but the links you provided doesn’t seem to work when I clicked them.

    I believe in a world where nothing is free, so I am abit confused, I hope you can enlighten me:

    1. What do you mean by maintaining 15 customers per month? Meaning I have to bring in 15 customers (same or different?) every month to click the same link?

    2. Why would this affiliate give away free energy? How would they make profit?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Wilson,

      Yes indeed it is an interesting recommendation for you to get free energy.  Surprising you couldn’t click on the provided link, simply because they are indeed functional.

      Clearly you maintaining 15 customers every month for the free energy eligibility simply implies that you must always have 15 customers in your referral account.  Of course those 15 customers will be the same customers every month setup and you don’t have to do any link clicking.

      Sorry you were not able to take full advantage of the provided link.  Myself as a consultant have had same 15 customers month after month and therefore enjoying the free energy.  As a supplier we believe in taking care of our customers that’s why we have all this perks for them.  That said, you can be a future potential customer and a consultant and as such we would like to treat you as family member as well.  Won’t  you agree that creating a good customer experience do equates to profits?



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