Energy Supplier – Customers Save, Consultants Earn Income.

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Please note NO DOOR TO DOOR CAMPAIGN.  Quite amazing way to earn extra money.  All the same free absolutely free to contact me of this great opportunity!  I will explain the entire nitty-gritty details for one’s success…  Indeed the sky is the limit!  Please click on the two respective websites below to unleash the contents!

Customers Save Money:   Click on ==>Find out your savings by clicking on See You Rate and then enter your zip code in an area looking exactly like below:

  •  Earn FREE Electricity and Natural Gas For Life!

  •  No Cost to Upgrade. No Contracts or Hassles.


Consultants Make Money:      ==>

  •  Build Your Own Business in Your Free Time.

  •  Earn Residual Income. Leadership Bonuses.

  •  No Inventory. Incumbent Delivers. No Collections.

  • Access your Powerzone software as your back office to manage your business.  Pretty cool software and you do feel in control of your journey.  One day at a time and you will definitely be comfortable with your activities.

Start a Business with Ambit Energy

Learn how Ambit Energy Consultants are discovering Financial Freedom by selling a product everyone already uses every day.  Click the link  Start a Business for the corresponding video…

Start Your Business Now

It’s a fact—just about everybody uses electricity or natural gas on a daily basis. That’s why Consultants who start a business with Ambit Energy have a strong advantage over traditional network marketing opportunities. Simply by helping friends, family and new contacts choose the energy product that’s right for them, Ambit Consultants begin earning residual income immediately.

Plus, the investment to get started is minimal, and there is never a renewal fee. And since there are no lotions, potions, pills or powders to stock, inventory and deliver, our Consultants save on costs, avoid hassle and can focus on effectively reaching new Customers.

To help Consultants reach their fullest potential, Ambit has created a smart, easy-to-use Consultant support system designed to provide the business-building tools, guidance and unlimited training Consultants can use every day for achieving greater results. And after the initial investment, this support is absolutely free.

Currently, our U.S. markets include California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine,Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia – and we’re always looking for new markets.

To find out more about the remarkable benefits that come from starting your own Ambit business, click the link below.

To learn about opportunities with Ambit Energy Japan, GK, click here.

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  1. This seems like an amazing way to earn some residual income. Plus, it helps others to save money. It is always such a hassle to price shop for the lowest electricity rates.

    Is it possible to make enough money to do this full time? Also, where is this program available?

    • Hello Dani,

      Indeed it is an awesome way to earn money given there are three (3) different ways to earn, i.e. Immediate Income, Leadership Income and Residual Income.  Customers and Consultants alike do save money!  Yes it can be a hassle to price shop for the lowest electricity and gas. However we are always cheaper than the incumbent supplier and we guarantee that, else we would write you a check for the difference of what the incumbent is offering when you are a customer for 12 months for your electric supply.  You have nothing to lose but all to gain.  There aren’t any gimmicks here. 

      Yes indeed, you can possibly earn enough money doing this full time!  This program is growing and is currently in the following seventeen (17) states and country:  CaliforniaConnecticut,DelawareIllinoisIndianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsNew HampshireNew JerseyNew YorkOhioPennsylvania,Rhode IslandTexasVirginia and Washington, D.C and the country of Japan.

      So compare for yourself and see why more electric and natural gas Customers throughout the seventeen states and Japan are choosing their Energy Supply from us because we are the best choice in energy today.

      Discover the great rates and outstanding value you can only get with us.


      Sidney Akollor

    • Hi Mohammed,

      Hope all is well! Regretfully, this business has made it to India yet. Hopefully some day soon.



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